Your Community is Invited to Become a Member!

Membership in Nebraska Community Websites

Nebraska Community Websites has been a Nebraska Business in good standing since May of 2000.

Based in Louisville Nebraska, the first Community Website; was presented to the (at that time) Village of Louisville (now City of Louisville) as a Millennium Gesture during their annual Louisville Daz festival May 2000.

Since that day, we have been invited to become part of many communities large and small. Over the years we have learned what works, and what doesn't and we have refined our methods for maximum return on investment.

As a starting point we have concluded that small is good, and that we have most to contribute to a Community that has but a single Postal ZIPcode. More than that, and our services are not as valuable and consequently our essential CRAMES model is incomplete.

The Value Proposition  (Old & New):

Originally the Value Proposition was: In exchange for a Revocable Charter we will create for you a beautiful website, and a Weekly Newsletter - to help communicate the unique quality of life you enjoy, to help attract families and businesses to call your community their new forever home. In 2000 this was an amazing unique proposition and the network grew quickly. Since 2000 things like Facebook made access to the internet very common and expected, so we needed to enhance the Value Proposition - and effective 7/1/2017 the new offering was announced. Small rural communities have multiple opportunities to place content on the internet, but we are now providing an opportunity to monetize the internet - as an addition to the Bake Sales' the Fish Fries we are now providing the 5-5-5 program. Ad revenues from Community Websites are donated 5% to the Community, 5% to the Newsletter Editor that creates the Weekly Newsletter, and 5% to a Community Organization (VFD, Boosters, Churches, Food Banks) on an ongoing basis! As this new model grows we will need creative people to help us to be the best we can be! Interested? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The Process:

If you believe that a professionally managed website would benefit your Community, and your local Newspaper is no longer serving the needs of the residents; and if you have only One ZIPcode: you are cordially invited to Apply For Membership! We have concluded that small is good, and that we have most to contribute to a Community that has but a single Postal ZIPcode. More than that, and our services are not as valuable and consequently or essential CRAMES model is incomplete.

When we receive the Membership Application, we will reach out to you and provide much needed answers to many questions. We will ask it there is an opportunity to petition your City Council, or Village Board for a Revokable Charter of Authenticity which is the currency that you provide us in exchange for the labor, expertise, bandwidth, hosting and all other expenses associated with the permanent sustainable development of your new Community Website.

The Charter

Once a Charter has been granted we will help you to develop a launch date, typically around an important traditional Community date. We will seek out an Editor to help shepherd the project and we will train, and provide all the tools to create the first Newsletter.


The authenticity and the opportunity to associate directly with the Genuine Community Website will typically attract one or more Sponsors. (local Businesses that wish to Advertise) and that provides the ability to compensate the Editor which always results in an overall better project, but it is not essential. We have many excellent projects where the Editor provides their services Pro bono based on love of the Community and community recognition that flows from their work.

The Network

Belonging to the Network of Community Websites provides visibility and support for the Editor and the progress of the Community.


Submit This Application - CLICK HERE - We will contact you and arrange for a time to talk and answer all your questions.